Most valuable information for Land Buyers

Most valuable information for Land Buyers

Instruction for Land Purchaser:
When you purchase new land or home, you must verify whether the land was registered or patta land or its belong to Poramboke land, these basic information should be verified before going to purchase and also “Certificate of Encumbrance on Property” (EC) has to be verified.

Procedure to apply Patta for Land:
There are two basic types of land ownership in India - Patta and Peremboke; Patta land is privately owned and can be sold and purchased freely. Peremboke land is government owned property given to poor farmers to grow crops on or to live on. Farmers can pass peremboke land to their children to continue to farm from generation to generation, but they cannot sell it. It is a crime to do so and a crime to purchase it. 

Official Website for Land Records:
Tamil Nadu Government has offered online services to view your land records, Chitta / Patta copy, verify land ownership and etc. in the following link:

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